Are private landlords right to evict tenant on BENEFIT?

  • Landlords will argue that they are not in it for the money. It is true that we all feel disgusted by the drastic decisions make by some landlords knowing that each eviction could make someone homeless. Unfortunately, the businessman’s end goal is the size of his bank account not the tears shed by his victims.

    Housing benefit tenants were highly sought after as tenants because council’s decided to pay landlords directly. The landlords, having a regular income did not have reasons to evict their tenants. But the game changed when council’s decided to give options to the tenants to choose how and to whom the housing benefit should be paid.

    Some landlords were panelised when tenants opted to receive the housing benefit and pay the rent themselves.

    Rent Arrears

    Upon receiving their housing benefit, some tenants would go on a shopping spree. If this was in December

     their rent could be entirely spent on Christmas.

    Some tenants simply refused to pay because they alleged that the landlord did not make repairs and that their accommodation was not fit to live in even if they were responsible for breaking things which were not covered in the tenancy agreement by the landlord.     

    Their Accommodation

    Housing tenants can be at their worst when maintenance is involved. They do not or refuse to look after their accommodation. Their attitude is that this is not their home, and the landlord is getting enough rent to cover the repairs. They forget most of the accommodation is on buy to let with a huge mortgage.

    Their Landlord

    Tenants can be disrespectful and even abusive towards the landlord and their neighbours.  Housing benefit tenants can be noisy, hoarders, abusive and frankly destructive. No wonder private landlords are doing all their can to avoid them.

    Can we really blame them?


    by: Tenancy Central uploaded December 8, 2017