Can you deal with the stress of moving out

  • Moving can be very stressful.  Can you cope with this stress, the packing, the disagreements and fighting with your family, friends or partner in regard to which box the china set should go in or where that glass vase should go? Anyone that has moved from a house or a flat can relate to the difficulties that we all dread. Moving is a task that’s better left to the professionals.  I know how expensive this can be when talking about professional services and also how potentially dangerous this can be. There are reports of people getting robbed by crooks posing as professional moving companies. Nevertheless, not all companies are dishonest and are after your belongings or property.

    Frankly I will not spend more than £100 to hire a company to move me from one area to another in the same town. This is me, but that does not mean that more than £100 is too expensive for others. For the contents of a one bedroom flat, I believe that is more than enough.

    If you still find that you cannot trust a company to move your belongings, then hire a van for the day and ask friends and family to help you. Your average rental will be around £65 at the least.

    At the other end of the scale where you are moving to another part of the country and you have the means to pay for the move and need to hire a reliable company then you should:

    Look for a company which is near you.

    Ask friends and family to recommend a well-known and established removal company that they have used before.

    Visit estate agents and well-known companies online who advertise their services with all their information displayed. For example, land line telephone number, e-mail address, website and physical office address.

    Do an intensive screening of the list of removal companies that you have made.

    Contact them and go to see them face to face at the location of their physical office.

    Make a selection of your choices.

    Allow them to come and evaluate the job and items to be moved and ask each for an estimate. Always get estimates from more than one company, to get a better deal.

    Check all estimates and compare the contenders in more detail.

    Check that they all have insurance that covers your belongings in case of losses or accidents.

    Check their track record of complaints if any.

    Chose the company you deem suitable and reliable to assist you with your move.

    On the date of the move make sure that all items are listed before the move.

    by: Tenancy Central uploaded 18 days ago