Your rented accommodation

  • What do you consider more important when renting an accommodation? Is it the location, the size of the property, or perhaps the view, the size of the bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom? The list goes on and on because it all comes down to personal choice.

    One day, you will be found asking yourself, “Why did I decide to rent this accommodation! I cannot enjoy peace of mind; I cannot sleep due to the noise from the street which keeps me awake all night.”

    Unfortunately, this is the sad reality. Landlords and estate agents will show you the property of your dreams, but they cannot guarantee you peace and tranquility when living in it.

    Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do, that is unless you break your lease agreement and move. It could also result in constant property hopping for you if you do not do your homework.

    You should recognise that your life and well-being is in question. So, like you are peculiar when choosing your food, sometimes even reading the ingredients it contains, it is equally important for you to do some research regarding the location.

    If possible, approach a neighbor, pretending to conduct a survey of the area. You will be surprised as to what people have to say about the area. Through this, you will get first-hand information on what unfolds in the area from the people living there. Although some people tend to exaggerate a bit, there is always an element of truth in what they say.


    • Before signing a tenancy agreement, when viewing the property, take pictures for your own record, regardless of what the estate agent or landlord says. Do it for your own protection.


    • I usually take pictures and make a video while going through the accommodation with the landlord or estate agent to make sure everything is recorded.


    • Most estate agents’ property viewing times are between 09 00 and 17 30. It is uncommon for estate agents to take you for property viewing outsides office hours. So, you can only view the property during these hours.


    • What is not always apparent is that most people are at work during these times. A block of flats can be very quiet during office hours because the flats are empty. The same applies for your neighbours if you are renting a house. You don’t see or hear everything that goes on during outside office hours. So, it is always advisable to make a private visit to the area outside of office hours to get a better feel of what goes on at the time when you will be at home (evening and night time).


    • Make sure that you know who your neighbours are.
    by: tenancy central uploaded July 4, 2017