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    • Sometimes you feel like running away from your responsibilities when things are getting too much to cope with.
    • There are two distinct overwhelming problems which are causing young people concern.
    • Young singles and young couples alike are having the most difficult times of their lives.
    • They have difficulty in securing descent accommodation, maybe struggling to provide descent food for their family and providing a means of travel to and from work. 
    • Every part of the social world wants a bit of our money. This make it difficult to think straight and organise oneself.
    • But remember that your priority is your accommodation. You can have everything but if you do not have a roof over your head, you are limited to live and share with others.
    • Therefore, when you are renting and not yet ready to buy your own accommodation it is advisable to look and cherish the place you call home. 
    • This mean paying your rent on time even if that means that you will not celebrate your birthday or your partner’s.
    • You should make sure that your landlord is aware of what is going on when you are in financial difficulty.
    • Your landlord can be your best friend, allowing you to have extended time or even make arrangements that will suit both your needs.
    • Losing your rental accommodation because you have not respected your rental agreement can destroy your credit record and put you in a situation where both estate agents or landlords will not want you in their properties.
    • No matter how difficult money is to come by, we urge you to pay your rent first.
    by: Tenancy Central uploaded July 15, 2019